Architect in the making

Alliana Marie Mendoza is an architecture student in Far Eastern University, a member of UAPSA Mayors' League, an explorer of FEU Outdoors (Mountaineering Org), and a dancer of One Day Plate. She is passionate about architecture, adventure, design, interior, landscape, and all things creative.

  • Monday: June 4, 2012

    That was my best friend Paula and I in the picture. We spent the whole day having fun in Walter Mart at Sta. Maria Bulacan, PH. We were with Hilgrand too! An old schoolmate of mine. Hihi! But before that, Paula and I went to our school and submitted our UP Application forms. Well today, it was my first time to try out the Magnum Classic. It tasted good, just like the Cadbury chocolate. Anyway, Hilgrand was the one who treated me those. Haha.